Thursday, January 6, 2011

Are These The Two Worst DVD Covers of All Time?

Okay, perhaps a slight bit of hyperbole there, but these are indeed very bad.

The first The Social Network. I enjoyed David Fincher's film greatly and while it wouldn't be in my top ten of the year, I will have no qualms about it winning Best Picture at the upcoming Academy Awards. I do have qualms, however, about this blu-ray cover sleeve that they are using. As far as I am aware this is just the American artwork, but considering how lazy studios are with DVD artwork I wouldn't be surprised if they re-use it here.

I'm not sure about you, but nothing about The Social Network can actually be found in this piece of imagery. Nothing about that movie said "watch Jesse Eisenberg smile are you creepily from across the room while he fondles an envelope ooh he's so sexy everyone is a blur." Right? Or is this image just completely misunderstanding the movie. Perhaps it's just me.

Secondly, do they really need that many pull quotes on the cover of the DVD? It's not like people won't know that the movie is critically acclaimed, surely. Maybe they could have utilised the space for something that actually represents what the movie is about? I dunno. Just a thought.

The second artwork I want to spotlight is one I came across as I was flipping through the bonus features of Everyone Else. Accent Entertainment decided to include a trailer for every single movie in their catalogue! Or, not really, but the number of trailers included on the disc was definitely over 20. Everything from Ingmar Bergman's Persona and Fritz Lang's M to... this. Some strange movie called... well, I'm not quite sure.

Is it Slaughter Night or the much more baffling SL8N8?

Slate Nate? Are they words that go together to form a title? Is it SL8 N8 Slaughter Night? Like Silent Night Deadly Night? Because, let's face it, there's absolutely zero way anybody can somehow think the words "slaughter" and "night" can somehow be text-speeched into "sl8" and "n8". Or am I really just out of the loop for teen slang?

I fear I'm not many any sense, but that's quite apt considering the rubbish that that DVD artwork is shovelling. SL8N8? Really? And yet, it's made me chuckle. The Social Network artwork on the other hand...


Gwen said...

Okay, your post about Sl8 N8 made me laugh. ;) It's a Dutch film and Sl8 N8 is the Dutch title. Sl8 = Slacht = Slaugther. N8 = Nacht = Night.

Yes, the title is lame and so is the film itself, so in a way, I guess the title is perfect.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

I had the same thoughts re: The Social Network. I saw the ad on TV and was just, "Really? that the real one?"

Slate Nate is already an instant classic. Or Slaughter Night. Slight Night? Sl8 N8... Slaught for Naught?

Andrew said...

Just so you know that isn't the actual DVD cover for The Social Network... it is just a cardboard insert in the DVD wrapping. The actual DVD case is beautiful and very well done.