Sunday, December 12, 2010

You've done a good thing, AFI and LAFCA

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Jacki Weaver took out Best Lead Actress at this passed weekend's 2010 AFI Awards for her role in Animal Kingdom. Perhaps not as predictable, but certainly right up there amongst a list of very plausible outcomes, Weaver also won the Best Supporting Actress prize from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. I've mentioned before how much the LAFCA are my favourite of the pre-Oscar critics organisations and this year they continued to prove me right. Weaver's win was just one of several great choices. How about Kim Hya-ja for Best Actress in Mother? That's very awesome.

Still, the really important one is the Australian Film Institute for no other real reason than we get an acceptance speech. Weaver wasn't there on the night - she was performing Uncle Vanya in Sydney with Cate Blanchett and Richard Roxburgh, who also won an AFI Saturday night for his performance in Hawke - but, as I wrote in my article for Encore Magazine, Weaver "easily won best speech of the night to go along with her Best Lead Actress statue."

Let's take a look at it, shall we?

Thank you so much, I'm so excited about this that there will be tears before bed time, most likely. I wish I could be there. I love doing Uncle Vanya, but there are so many people in that room tonight that I love and I've known for years and I just wish we could all be together tonight.

When I was young and green I used to think awards didn't mean that much, but now that I'm not young and green, but quite ripe, I love getting prizes. It's wonderful to be reassured that you haven't been barking up the wrong tree for 48 years in your choice of career, and it's nice to have it affirmed that you're still relevant. I've won two AFI Awards before, the last one was in 1976 when David Michôd was four years old. David Michôd, of course, being the writer and director of Animal Kingdom and I just feel very fortunate that he wanted me.

An exceptional cast, every one of you perfect. I will single out Ben Mendelsohn; Ben, you are a consummate actor. Playing with you, interacting with you, watching you and listening to you and just spouting dialogue in your general direction is a joy and an honour and a privilege. And I just briefly want to mention my family ... my husband, Sean Taylor, who is the actor in the family. In fact, I'd like to thank everyone I ever married. I still love all of you and I won't name you all 'cause we haven't got enough time. I'm sorry this speech is so long, but it might be another 35 years before I get another chance. Good night and good luck, thank you so much. I love it.

Isn't that a great speech? Everybody was laughing along with it and I reckon if that video goes viral then Jacki Weaver would be an even better bet for an Oscar nomination. Who can't fall in love with her after watching that! Come on folks, make it happen! You know Cate Blanchett is putting her at the top of her Oscar ballot!

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richardwatts said...

Awww, bless! Thanks so much for posting this, Glenn - I missed this part of the telecast on Saturday night, and reading quotes from Weaver's speech in the paper just isn't the same as seeing it!