Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What is Emily Blunt Thinking?

Image via GFY

By now we're all very much aware of just how very, very bad Gulliver's Travels is and here is Emily Blunt having to endure the publicity trail - or, if nothing else, the red carpet - in support of it. Considering she couldn't even look like she gave a damn during the movie itself, it would take a truly marvellous actress to somehow come across as enthusiastic now.

Poor, sad Emily Blunt. Actually, not poor. I hope and trust she got paid handsomely for standing around in front of a green screen pretending to watch a giant Jack Black urinate, or watch a giant, half-naked Jack Black play his flabby chest like the bongos, or watch a giant Jack Black romance a giant Amanda Peet. Sad.

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