Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Romain's a Heartbreaker

This morning I attended a screening of Pascal Chaumeil's Heartbreaker, a lovely French romcom confection with beautiful scenery (France and Monaco, I believe), actual laughs and the presence of one Romain Duris. Aah, Romain Duris. What I wouldn't do...

The film is nothing particularly revolutionary and it is essentially one of those broad, "high concept" romantic comedies that Hollywood churns out several times a year, except this one is actually funny and that goes a long way when you're used to watching Katherine Heigl shrill her way through a seemingly endless parade of debasing acts in the name of "romance" and "comedy". I laughed out loud a lot, actually, and the fact the end credits cite Universal Studios International is not a surprise. It's a French film in language only, really, although it does have a bit more zestiness going for it that your traditional Matthew McConaughey film wouldn't. It's the sort of film broader arthouse audiences can go see and feel proud that they're supporting international cinema. "I saw a movie with subtitles!" even if it isn't, ya know, The Class. It's no surprise to learn than Working Title (the people behind some of the more well received romantic comedies of the last two decades have purchased the remake rights.

Still, it's an infectious movie and one that would go down very nicely on a date night trip to the cinema or with a few glasses of wine on the couch and a copy on DVD. Of course, what tips it over from being a rather solid success into a hautement recommandé is Romain Duris. As I just said before, what I wouldn't give...

This man is just... well, you know!

The man certainly fits the bill of his character's backstory (hired to break up romances). That wild, untamed curly hair, the permanant thick quasi-beard and a body that can carry off a suit better than almost any other. Costume designer Charlotte Betaillole has fitted Duris with a never-ending series of perfectly tailored suits that, at times, look more like body paint than actual clothes. Of course, and pardon the completely superficial turn that this entry has taken, he looks just as good (if not better... okay, better) out of them. There's one scene in particularly in which I actually think I let out an audible gasp and stopped breathing as Duris, wearing only those aforementioned tight suit pants and no shirt, dances the dance from Dirty Dancing. It's basically pornography for Romain Duris lovers (and the numbers of those are rising quickly, have you noticed?)

Watch the scene below alongside a scene from Dans Paris - for which I thought Duris was certainly awards worthy - that I discussed back in 2008! Basically, Romain Duris dancing to '80s pop gems = a good time at the movies!

Quel homme sexy!

Heartbreaker is out Boxing Day in Australia.

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