Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nicole Falls to Pieces

Here is a new poster for Rabbit Hole. This one is completely different and I kinda think it's a bit great. I see cues taken from other posters, but in 2010 it's hard not to see similarities, ya know? So many movies with so many posters, they're bound to all look like something else no matter what the concept. Still, it's original enough to stand out and it actually kind of has a creepy horror movie vibe about it. Hmmm. Take a look and speak up in the comments with what you think?

The more I look at it the more I like it. I kinda wish there was a nudgewink "from the director of Shortbus" line on there somewhere, but that was never going to eventuate. I like how it includes images of the despair and the (attempted) repair between the central Kidman/Eckhart relationship. Kinda shows you that it's more than just 2 hours of people grieving. But, then again, some people will say it's just that no matter what.

I just cannot wait much longer for this movie! I somehow stumbled across an episode of Oprah where she was interviewing Nicole Kidman and they showed clips from Rabbit Hole... they.looked.spec.tacular. Gah!


GJB said...

Love this poster. Just jumped ahead of BLUE VALENTINE as my favourite of the year.

THE KING'S SPEECH U.S. poster remains the worst. Nothing is going to change that.

Lucky said...

I really like the poster, but I think it doesn't sell the movie as what it is. Looking at it, the movie doesn't seem like a drama.