Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashion Run(a)way

My favourite, most memorable aspect of Floria Sigismundi's The Runaways - and there was a lot, from Dakota Fanning's wonderful performance as Cherie Currie (love that shot of her that I have included below the next paragraph), the obviously excellent music and the way Sigismondi maintains a vibrant look and an exhilarating fast-paced energy even when the story feels been-there-done-that - was the costume design by Carol Beadle. The Runaways is Beadle's first feature after having worked on a short film called Crabs and music videos such as Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" and Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" (on which Sigismondi was the director).

Without a doubt, I have not seen better costume design from a 2010 film. I'd include this amongst one of the few citations I'd really love to see pop up on Oscar morning, but I already know it won't happen. Oscar generally goes much more historical and opulent, rather than the thrift store design that are spread throughout The Runaways or the glam-punk duds that the characters eventually morph themselves into, especially when the film is a flop. There are so many costume changes spread across this film that it's hard to keep up. A delirious, varying display of wild 1970s prints, colourful jumpsuits, printed tees studded jackets, sequined sweaters and leather ensembles. They're colourful, intricately designed, period faithful and attention-grabbing.

I'm not a woman, but I covet the black and white zig-zag top Dakota wore to the nightclub when she got spotted by the agent (5th and 6th from the top), the "sanFransIsco" tee (12th from the top), Kristen Stewart's "DETROIT" shirt (1oth from the bottom) and the hot pink suit that Kristen's Joan Jett wears to the radio station in the film's great closing sequence (last), itself a replica of the design Jett wore on the I Love Rock 'n' Roll record cover in 1981. Can somebody reconfigure these into men's clothes so I can wear them? I randomly decided to screencap my favourite fashion moments and have included them below. I knew I wanted to do this entry during the leather jacket store scene (2nd from the top) where Stewart is wearing her high-waisted jean/printed tee combo, the store lady has on that beige, sequined top and crazy print skirt and the man is wearing that badass studded leather jacket. Note that this is the second scene in the movie; I was already hooked!

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