Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The 38 Faces of Nicole Kidman

Have you seen this "DP/30" (30 minutes with David Poland) video at Movie City News with Nicole Kidman? Poland interviewed her for Rabbit Hole in which she stars as well as produces. It's a very entertaining interview and one filled with hilarious recollections (I adore the way her voice changes during the story about being born in Hawaii), anecdotes (Sean Penn sending her a note saying "you were robbed") and admissions (she knows she's had "failures"). All with her wicked sense of humour and a deep interest in the subjects at hand.

One pertinent issue that she raises is the idea that films can "fizzle out" when their release date is too prolonged after their initial flourish of buss and festival success. So many films play at big festivals much like Rabbit Hole did at Toronto and yet get released anywhere up to a year later. I distinctly remember all the hubbub out of Cannes about Woody Allen's Match Point and yet it was released much later in the year, by which time the buzz had cooled off. Another recent example is The Loved Ones, but we won't go through that again.

I like how, for a woman who has apparently can't show any emotion whatsoever, she is so animated in this interview. Naturally, I took screencaps. I started taking just a few of my favourite moments and it somehow ended up becoming 38. Why didn't anybody stop me? Click to embiggen and try and spot your favourite!


tjmooney said...

A very cromulent montage. Well done!

Amy said...

Great interview with Poland.

I am not sure if you have seen RH, I have, if you read or hear any nonsense about her face not moving, don't believe it. Brilliant and expressive face. Some people just think they need to say that to be important. Kidman's face is her performance and it is saying something that she is earning raves for her performance.