Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Design?

If you're reading this and wondering what on Earth has happened, I merely got fidgety today in the head and decided to change the colours and fonts of this here blog. Is it too dark? Should I have something brighter? Hmm, I'm not too sure. I like this look, however. It comes off as sleeker, maybe even a bit more professional looking?

Oh what am I talking about? It's really not that much different, just dark grays and black in replacement of green. And is that really such a bad thing? I do just worry that there are too many dark websites. Are there too many? I wouldn't know.

Nevertheless, if you click on links that go into the archives then you will inevitably discover some coding issues. This new design is, apparently (apparently since I didn't do it myself, it was automatic), wide than the last, which means all those YouTube videos that were 425pixels wide are now too small and if I didn't centre justify them they will now look out of whack. Same, too, for images. If the way text and images are wrapped around each other looks a little bit out, it's due to that. I'm sorry! Hope you enjoy it, nonetheless. I mean, I know Nicole Kidman has been quite vocal about her opposition to it (since this is some sorta unofficial Kidmaniac den), but she might also just be in a bad mood since the trailer for Just Go With It premiered and she's nowhere to be seen! What on Earth will get me to the cinema otherwise if not La Kidman?

Let's face it, a bit of Kidman would have made this trailer just a bit more palatable. Alas, it looks like another one those those awfully high concept romantic comedies. Would anybody ever have the plot of this movie play out in their real lives? And if it did wouldn't you just get the hell outta there and never look back? Yikes. Apparently Kidman plays an old college rival of Aniston's who - wait for it - has always felt the need to be better than Aniston and so - wait for it - Aniston pretends to be married to Adam Sandler so Kidman will be jealous. LOL, right?!

You don't get any of that from the below trailer, but it's apparently in there (someone on the IMDb forum said so, so it must be true!) Oh gawd, it just sounds awful, doesn't it? Nevertheless, I will probably see it because I love my Nicki and, well, my fondness for Jennifer Aniston is well documented. So sue me!

Meanwhile, have you seen the first image from another new Nicole film, Trespass? It's supposed to be mainstream, it's directed by Joel Schumacher and co-stars Nicolas Cage, so I'm sure it will be terrible, but... well, my love for Nicole Kidman has meant I've had to watch some bad movies and I am not going to pretend that I won't sit through Trespass just like I sat through The Stepford Wives.

Oh don't look at me like that, Nicole! You know The Stepford Wives was a mess of a movie. Just look at the following image, okay, and be thankful that one's nothing more than a bad memory.


Anthony Mai said...

It is dark!! So use to you being bright, green and cheery!

BUt it does look nice ;) We'll get use to it!

Or maybe you should just write solely about horror flicks and your layout will be spot on!

Glenn Dunks said...

Perhaps it's just reflecting my mood regarding certain things? I dunno. Maybe it will change again to something brighter again, but for now I think I'll keep it just for something a little bit different.

S said...

I think the green layout actually set your site apart from the overly sleek, dark sites. However, whatever your site looks like I will keep visiting as I LOVE your writings.

Leo said...

It certainly looks sleek, but something about the starkness of the background against the brightness of the font makes it harder to read text. It puts a lot of strain on the eye.

Glenn Dunks said...

S, I've always liked that my blog was a bit different in the colour department - not just black and/or white - but I felt like a bit of a change to the aesthetics and this was the only one I took a fancy too. I'm sure I will change it yet again in a couple of weeks.

Leo, Noted. I changed the colour of the text to a light grey so hopefully that works a bit better.

Alice said...

I personally dislike reading white text on black backgrounds - find it makes my eyes go funny - but that said I do dig the sleek look. I may just have to do my reading of your posts via Google Reader :)

Glenn Dunks said...

Alice, be sure to comment when you do read it! :)

Alice said...

Deal :)