Monday, November 29, 2010

Needs More Adjusting aka The Amputee Bureau

Oh har dee hah HAH. Good grief, somebody stop me before I go pun overboard!

Here is the poster for the new Matt Damon/Emily Blunt thriller The Adjustment Bureau.

Firstly, we must address the fact that they chose to use a shot of Damon and Blunt in which they both look like amputees. What's up with that? I know they're running, but it still looks silly/funny/annoying. I actually think the backdrop of the poster is fantastic and has a definite noirish/expressionist vibe about it (I'm thinking Dark City here, just obviously not as good), and the way you gotta look to get all the details (did you notice the man in the very Orson Welles/The Third Man shot just above the cast names?) but that foreground is disastrous. Truly. Despite the whole amputee stuff, there's also the ridiculous Photoshopping. Those two actors do not look natural at all lumped right there on the top of some random building. Is Blunt's dress even red at all?

Nice concept, but bad execution.

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Anonymous said...

Yo, just waiting for you to go all WELL PLAYED on this stunner...