Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Craven's Documentaries

I watched Music of the Heart yesterday; Wes Craven's first and only venture outside of the realms of "genre" filmmaking (not including his inclusion in Paris je t'aime). He apparently agreed to only make Scream 3 if he could direct it. The story in the video below is a bit different (the Weinstein's "offered" him the chance to direct a Miramax movie), but I'm not sure I believe that. As I was scooting around YouTube I did indeed find the following video and it's an interesting one for a few reasons.

One of which is that Craven admits to being on the Academy's documentary committee. Or, at least, he was in 1995 when Allen Miller's Small Wonders, a documentary that became Music of the Heart, was nominated for the Oscar. Am I the only one surprised by this? I wonder if he's still involved or not.

"Wes sees reality in a different way than other people do. He has a very clear understanding of the darkness in life and I think that he waited 20 years to explore the flip side of the darker side.

The other bit I love is during the parts of Meryl Streep's interview where she lavishes praise on Craven. I like it when actors I like are so open about the affection for a director I like, especially when they're someone such as Wes Craven who, by his own admission, quite easily have been called a fraud as he made this wholesome "nice white lady" movie. My favourite bit is how she admit to "not knowing anything about him" ("I'd never seen any of those scary movies because I don't go to them. I'm a total wimp.") and that she relied on her son to tell her that "he's a really good storyteller". I hope she went home after the shoot ended and watched some. Can you imagine Meryl Streep sitting at home on her couch watching Scream or A Nightmare on Elm Street? "Poor Drew!" she'd wail, I'm sure of it!

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JA said...

I still haven't seen MUsic of the Heart - should I bother? I do love Meryl and you know how I feel about Wes, it's just... touching teacher movies sort of give me hives. WELL?

Also I wanna thank you for starting out my day with that image of Meryl hiding her face behind her sofa pillow, legs folded under her, a bowl of popcorn cooling between her and Don, and she reels in terror for Drew. Love it.