Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Slave to the Franco

This is James Franco in drag on the cover of Candy Magazine. We like James Franco 'round here, we like him a lot, and while doing things like this may not endear him to elder fuddy duddies within the Academy, who will be the ones to decide whether he finally receives his first Academy Award nomination (after two shoulda-been-nominated performances in Milk and Pineapple Express), we love him for doing it nonetheless and with more actors of his stature and name value would do it (and he does it a helluva lot better than Daniel Radcliffe did his own sexually provocative shoot a while back).

The first thing I thought of when I saw this photo was the one and only Grace Jones. She was definitely fond of the sharp suit (without necessarily anything underneath), gloves, artfully wielding a cigarette or DRAMATIC make-up. In fact, I imagine this is what Grace Jones would've looked like if she was, you know, white and, perhaps, made a movie with Brian De Palma in the early 1980s.


Simon said...

I kind of love James Franco. And yes, that is Grace Jones if she were a white guy.

Noecitos said...

He reminds me of Justin Kirk in Angels in America (something very good to be reminded of...)