Friday, October 22, 2010

Rabbit Hole Trailer

As anybody who follows this blog will know that I have been awaiting Rabbit Hole with very high anticipation. I think it's quite obvious what I think of Nicole Kidman (just the way she goes "hmmm" after her angel speech at the start of the trailer fills me with love for that woman), but my appreciation for the likes of John Cameron Mitchell, Dianne Wiest, Aaron Eckhart, Sandra Oh and so on is so strong that their presence on any film will instantly make me sit up and pay attention. Now comes the trailer for Rabbit Hole and it looks good! I have to wait until February to see it as that's when it is receiving a local release, but you Americans out there get it in December. I've included some of my favourite shots, taken from the HQ Apple version, beneath.

And please bear in mind that I will reject any comment that even mentions Nicole's botox. Really. That discussion is over.


Amy said...

Thank you!

Yep, it is over!

Amy said...

It looks fantastic :).

CMrok93 said...

This trailer's not so good, but it looks like Kidman makes this film better, by adding her usual strength to almost every film she does.

Square Eyes said...

Looks great.
I didn't have high expectations for this film until now.
Hopefully that's not a bad thing when it comes to actually seeing it.

Anthony said...

Can I just say I didn't even notice she got botox. Definitely not noticable unlike one Scream 4 actress we know.

By the way, this looks like it will be a depressingly good time.

Paolo said...

I like the first shot you posted. And Howie in the dining room by himself.

And the trailer should have included the part where she snaps her fingers at the support group. Awesome bitchery.