Saturday, October 16, 2010

London Calling

I hadn't seen this poster (a quad, naturally) for the 54th BFI London Film Festival, but MUBI named it their "poster of the day" and now that I have seen it I can't disagree. It's wonderful.

Granted, the idea of a poster made from movie posters is like crack to me, but I love this visual motif of torn movie posters. They hold so much visual depth and they're always fun to explore and what better way to sell a film festival than on, ya know, films? The below poster is a quad, as UK posters always are, and the posters featured on it are the British quad versions. I don't think you'll find that Requiem for a Dream design on a standard one sheet. And other times the traditionally sized posters for Lost in Translation, Sideways or This is England just work better in quad form since they work a horizontal design.

How many posters can you spot within the design?

There are the obvious ones that stand out: The Man Who Knew Too Much, Solaris, This is England, Jamon Jamon, Tonight Let's All Make Love in London (yes please), Kanal and Andrei Rublev. I can then also make out The Wrestler, Che, Requiem for a Dream, Sideways, Always Famous, My Beautiful Launderette, The Men Who Stare at Goats, The Long Good Friday (two variations on the design, actually), The Crime on Monsieur Lange, Nine Queens, Lost in Translation, Punch Drunk Love and Dutchman.

Meanwhile, there are a few others that, if someone said what they were, I'd go "well, obviously!" such as the design with the sunflowers, the H with the star in the middle and the red design of the faces that has a quote that, I think, reads "Funny" from BBC Online. Any helpers out there? Mubi has a larger version of the image, although it cuts off parts from the bottom and the side for some reason.

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Matt Riviera said...

The sunflowers looking away in shame are from the poster for "Lebanon". I assume the H with the star inside is the title of the "Che" poster?

It is pretty amazing, isn't it?.