Friday, October 15, 2010

[insert Young and the Restless joke here]

A new Gus Van Sant movie is something that will always pique my interest and Restless is no different. The plot and the blueprint of the trailer reads like a checklist of quirk, but this territory of damaged young people feels like a much more natural fit for Van Sant than, say, Sam Mendes, and judging from the trailer it appears that he has held himself back quite nicely from truly embracing the quirk and, especially with the Asian ghost man character, is treating the material with a bit more soberness than we've come to expect from "independent cinema" these days. Even the image to the left doesn't fill me with bile in this situation as it normally would.

Mia Wasikowska just appears to keep getting better, doesn't she? She'll be unfortunately shafted from any Oscar talk for her role in The Kids Are All Right and since this film is a January release it's fare to say it won't be getting any awards attention in a year's time, but it's this sort of work that will set her up for a great career. And the sight of Mia in that leopard print coat and bright red gloves is just divine, is it not?

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