Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fresh Rabbit Hole Poster

A while ago I mused on Twitter that I suspected the poster for John Cameron Mitchell's Rabbit Hole would be nothing more than this film still of stars Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart in the bottom right corner, surrounded by empty black space and the title written using a very bland typeface. The fact that distributor Lionsgate had such a limited time to come up with the marketing for this film (it's US release is December 17 and was only acquired last month if I remember correctly) only made my hunch stronger. These days not much thought goes into the posters, especially for a film such as Rabbit Hole, which is hardly the sort of film that can be sold to mass audiences on inventive posters and nontraditional trailers.

Turns out I was wrong for the most part.

Via HitFix, click to embiggen.

Yes, the font is simple, but it's subtle and elegant. I like how it's as if we're seeing the sky through a misty windscreen and through the title it is clearer, where we can see through to a deeper hue of blue. And that image of Kidman is lovely. As for the O made from a child's backyard swing? Well, it's a bit precious, and the tagline is on the nose, but a movie like this has got to sell tickets and you don't do that by appearing to be 120 minutes of miserablism. Precious (also from Lionsgate) new that last year; you gotta sell the happy. So, again, I can forgive it.

Also, I just think the movie looks incredible so I don't care. 99% of the internet didn't seem to care that the Inception posters were rubbish, so why should I care about this? I shan't. Click the "Rabbit Hole" tag below to read more about my anticipation for this film if you don't believe me.

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Prepare to be disappointed.