Sunday, October 17, 2010

Four Thoughts About THAT Scream 4 Footage

More footage from Scream 4 has been released, this time at the Scream Awards, which are sort of American people's choice awards show that honours horror/sci-fi and other genre filmmaking. Scream being one of only maybe two truly iconic horror franchises of the last 20 years - the other being Saw, am I wrong in saying this? - any new footage was bound to find a place right at home in such a location.

The awards show doesn't air on TV until Tuesday so we won't get a good quality version of the footage until then, but this mobile phone footage, posted at, has been on a repetitive loop since it was put on YouTube. After this footage there is an official teaser trailer to be released in November, which I imagine will look mostly like this footage. As for now, four things immediately stand out to me in the below footage.


Uh-oh! They really are trying to make it look as if Gale Weathers is going to meet her maker, aren't they? After the first official image showed Gale being stalked amongst a stack of hay bales whilst holding her own Ghostface mask. The footage above shows Gale before and after that image. First it shows her removing said mask and then it shows a couple of shots of her being hunted down in the barn that it is believed the Woodsboro Stab-a-thon is being held. That final shot of her being towered over by the killer as she says "Go ahead if you have the guts" is a doozy that definitely says "hi, I'm Gale, and I'm about to die."

I do, however, think it's one massive red herring. Even if Gale does bite it (probably not until "way after ten"), I can't imagine that they'd give it all away half a year before the movie is even released. In my mind, Gale is safe... for now.

That shot of Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell (0:21 in the video) is tantalising beyond belief. They appear to be watching a movie (Paquin is pressing a button on a remote) so it might make one assume that they are watching a Stab film. Could they be the opening victims? It sounds weird to say that I hope they are, but... well, I hope they are. It would certainly be a great bit of casting if they were.

Do you notice that it looks like they're sitting on the very same couch that Wes Craven tweeted covered in blood? Even if they inevitably prove to just be victims in Stab, we will at least see a bit more of them than a Jay and Silent Bob style walk on cameo, like in Scream 3.

Speaking of Stab... much like the trailer for Scream 2 featured clips of Heather Graham as Casey Becker in Stab, I think this footage is also playing tricks on the audience by using footage from whatever number of the Stab series they are up to by now. The shot of the woman (I think she's the one from 90210) at 0:18 springs to mind purely because the Scream franchise has never been known to be so obviously tits-out. Also, the shot at 0:28 of a woman in a yellow suit. I say that purely because we haven't seen any behind the scenes footage taken of anyone wearing that outfit so I can't help but assume it's a small role. Of course, I could be wrong (I most likely am).

Who is that girl in the grey top? She is seen in close proximity to Ghostface at 0:30 and can also be seen hiding behind something at 0:25. Whoever that is certainly has a Cici-Cooper-alone-in-the-sorority-house vibe, don't you reckon? Still, I can't quite figure out who it is.

Having now seen the better quality version (still not HQ) the woman in grey looks to me like Kristen Bell! Could it? If so, how...?

I am clearly a glutton for spoilers and when the HQ footage arrives later in the week I am sure I will have a whole new swag of theories. As for now, I'm just going to keep watching this and salivating like the addicted Scream fan that I am. Bring on the mayhem!!


Anonymous said...

I think the yellow suit woman is alisson brie.

Anthony said...

I'm pretty sure the girl putting on the top (the one we see a shot of her bra) is Marielle Jaffe.

Joel said...

Man how I wish it was still coming out this month!
Wonder if Gale is bored enough to take a role in a Stab film? They way they've worked it with having films within films means hopefully there won't be too many spoilers leaked...
Can't wait for a proper version of this, to dissect every shot (or Im sure you'll save me the hassle do that for me at some stage)

Glenn Dunks said...

So, yes, people are saying the woman in yellow is Alisson Brie, who plays Sidney's assistant? I think that's how it goes.

Am I crazy for thinking that the girl in gray is actually Kristen Bell? It looks like her in the better quality version and if it is her that gives her two costume changes. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

I think that last edited sequence is both Gail and Sidney. The first shot is Gail being pushed down onto hay bales, the second is Sidney holding off Ghostface in a house (the blue clothing, slightly different angle and background gives it away) and the last edit cuts back to Gail yelling.

John from Jersey said...

At around 1:46 there is a woman who falls during a press conference and among the screaming spectators that we see looking up as she falls are Gale and Dewey. Any chance this is Sidney's send off? It's a pretty big death scene, with sparks flying all over the place and a ton of screaming witnesses as the body (with long brunette hair) crashes down. I for one am hoping that Sid, Gale and Dewey are not killed off, but considering how much Neve hates these movies (she was extremely unwilling to do part 3 let alone 4) I think she would most likely agree to come back for a guaranteed end to the character. Also (and I admit this is an odd thing to even think) but the fact that Sydney's character was not given a husband or kid (or that Gale and Dewey didn't have kids) during the last 10 years gives them less insurance in the survival game of the movie... I think Williamson and Craven might have thought it would be too cruel to not only kill off the main characters from the original trilogy but to also create a scenario where an on-screen family (their kids, especially) are left devastated. As it is, the only connections we know Sidney, Gale and Dewey to have are to each other... and to the original trilogy. I don't know if I explained that thought correctly but I just think that by not giving them any deeper connection than a niece for Sidney, they are being primed for removal. That, and my earlier thought on Neve's extreme reluctance to keep coming back. But here's hoping I am wrong!

Mierzwiak said...

It's exciting and disappointing at the same time.

Exciting because, well, it's Scream for Ghostface's sake! Neve looks better than ever, there's Dewey and of course Gale, and some great looking "killer is chasing us!" scenes.

Disappointing because it doesn't look (at least now) original or fresh, adn we all know how original and fresh was the first, second and even weakest third movie. Scre4m looks just like previous ones, which is good, but I want to be surprised, I want to see something NEW.

Glenn Dunks said...

Anon, yes it ends with scenes featuring Gale and Sidney intercut with each other.

Mierzwiak, I'm actually looking forward to seeing Woodsboro presented with the more cinematic style of Scream 2 and Scream 3. The original Scream has a very different look to the other two and I'm anticipating the bigger look of the sequels transfered back to Woodsboro (I'm more excited by this film because it is set in Woodsboro rather than, say, Hollywood again.)