Monday, October 11, 2010

Dreams as I Know It

I have been known to talk about Katherine Heigl every now and then. I like her, I really do. Reading my Twitter feed on a daily basis brings forth a deluge of anti-Heigl sentiment, but what can you do? She tried my patience with the woefully misguided The Ugly Truth, but her new movie, Life as We Know It? I can't. I just can't. I mean, the movie involves two people who decide that, upon their death, their infant child will be put into the guardianship of two people they want to play matchmaker with! Doesn't that just sound abhorrent? Who cares about the proper welfare of their child, there is matchmakin' from beyond the grave to be done!

Nevertheless, I wouldn't even be bringing any of this up - trust me, I would have be more than welcome to let this movie go by with nary a whisper or a word being said - but last night I had a dream. It involved Katherine Heigl and I playing hide and seek (we were the hiders, the seeker I do not know) in this large castle made out of what appeared to be crystal and sand. I don't know what that meant, either. However, as I was hiding under a bush along came Heigl wanting to climb under there with me (we were in a castle, find your own spot!) and then we got into a big fight in which I screamed at her...


Apparently, in my dreams, I am quite rational and not wanting to upset people by hurling curse-laden abuse at them. Who knew? Nevertheless, it is very much true that I do not want to see that movie and that it does not look appealing to me. Katherine Heigl was none too pleased, and I'm sure she went back to her pile of money and wept.

Meanwhile, is something wrong with Josh Duhamel's legs or are they just really skinny compared to the rest of him. They're called leg exercises, Josh! Do them!


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Von said...

A very unpleasant idea for a movie but then the most outrageous ideas about children and adoption are becoming normalised and mainstream.Who cares about the kids welfare? Clearly not the stereotypes or the film makers and if they're playing for laughs it just ain't funny.
By the way while I'm here, your article in The Big Issue where you state that once politicians realise no matter what gender parents are,'the kids will be alright'makes an assumption about gay parents which is probably right and one about adoptees which may not be.Adoption is no piece of cake but I expect you know that if you are one and if you're not maybe you need to get real.