Thursday, October 7, 2010

Delays and Scream 4 News

Sorry guys, I had totally planned to have at least two Scream to Scream entries up this week, but first I was using a computer without all the necessary programs and then I left the DVD where I can't get it until Sunday night. I'm sure, deep inside, it was part of the plan to just... umm... oh, who am I kidding? Needless to say, we won't be concluding the project by the release of Scream 4 next April.

Speaking of "Scream 4 next April", it would appear that after months of worrying that Australia was going to be getting the film in May of 2011, a full month after America and most of the world, we are indeed getting it in April. Or that's, at least, what the Hoyts website states. And not just that, but a full day earlier! Which means there's next to no chance of us poor, lowly Australians having the film spoiled for us by our incessant and debilitating need to check up on Scream franchise news every few hours or so.

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Anthony said...

There are 27 weeks left until Scream 4's release. Yes I counted just now. So... hmmm lets say you do a few scenes a week or even less I think it's quite possible to be done by 4's release.

I just don't want you to slow down, I love these scene by scene reviews, lol.