Friday, September 10, 2010

When Bad Posters Strike: Let Me In

Back in July I took a look at one of the newly released posters for Let Me In, an American remake of Swedish vampire flick Let the Right One In. It really seemed like they were trying to make this new version look as classy as possible since there was so much opposition to it in the first place. It was starting to look quite good and the marketing was very moody and somber.

Let's take a look at that poster again.

It's kinda creepy and effective and could send a chill up your spine if you looked at it late at night in an empty house.

Now, however, comes the inevitable cheapened Hollywood multiplex poster that takes the same basic concept that made that first poster so good and drains it (pun intended) of every ounce of its life-force. Take a look at this travesty.

Words can almost not express how ridiculous this poster looks, but I will try and express it. Do I even really have to, actually? I mean, look at the thing! It's just so very very bad. From the out of place red splotches in the corner that look like a bad children's art project to the really poor Photoshop job on the film's star Chloe Moretz. And don't even get me started on that stupid tagline.

Gone is all the menace and mystery and it has been replaced by... whatever the hell this is. What a giant step down.


richardwatts said...

That tag line is about as banal as they get.

lax airport hotels said...

I really hope the movie is good and I do not disappoint. i am a big fan of the book and original movie, But the original is always the best for me.

Rob said...

I agree - atrocious. As Nina Garcia on Project Runway would say, "I question your taste level."