Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Well Played, Poster: Love and Other Drugs

Romantic comedies these days tend to have very similar posters. It's generally either a full body shot of the two leads standing side by side looking pretty or it's some boring production still of the two leads looking lovey-dovey at each other as if to say "don't give us your money because this is how it ends." Now comes the poster for Edward Zwick's Love and Other Drugs, ostensibly a romantic comedy although it's aiming for a bit more high brow cred. The poster, however, is a rarity since it actually tries to sell the romance and the comedy. The last romcom to do that, as far as I can recall, was The Ugly Truth, which says a lot (because the movie was shit).

I like how I get a chuckle out of this poster as well as the feeling that, ya know, I actually want to see these two meet cute, fall in love, suffer adversity, pull through and live happily ever after. I can just tell these two actors have chemistry, they don't just look like they have been forced together by unimaginative casting agents and focus polling groups. And, ya know, SEX SELLS and when your movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway? Yeah, you might as well sell what you got.

I also appreciate that there's no stripes, empty white space, movie stills or bad Photoshop. Thank you. Now we wait for a) the film (which looks good) and b) the outtakes from this shoot (which, surely, look like sex).

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