Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tonight, Tonight...

Today I saw the current production of West Side Story playing here in Melbourne at the Regent Theatre. It's a grand old building and one befitting a classic, masterful production such as this. The show has problems - how about those B-R-O-A-D accents or the far too operatic voice of lead Julie Goodwin? - but is generally a fun trip to the theatre. I mean, it's hard to truly stuff up a show as good as West Side Story, isn't it? The dancing was great, the production design simple by effective and, it must be said, the male cast were almost all dreamy. I certainly didn't wanna poke my eyes out as I watched Rohan Brown as Riff who was basically sex on stage. If I had to choose my favourite scenes it would come down to "Quintet" or "Somewhere". I'm not sure what was lacking in "America", but... well, there was something lacking. Was it because the girls all went barefoot? Or maybe I just missed the the boys in the number, which is the way I've always known that number to be staged from watching the film.

Speaking of the film, naturally the production really isn't as good as the 1960 movie. That film is such a monumental piece of cinema, I know, but even less than perfect stage productions can be so great to watch purely due to the thrill of seeing it live. But, no, the movie most definitely has this particular staging beat. There's not even anything more that needs to be said about Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins' film other than you must see it if you haven't already (and why haven't you?) Let's revisit the trailer as well as my two favourite scenes from the film.

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RJ said...

I like the movie generally ... but I HATE the changes they made to the songs. I much prefer the original version of 'America'.