Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tim Burton Wouldn't Know a Proper Rabbit Hole if He Fell in One

If you asked me right here on the spot what my most anticipated upcoming movie was I'd say it's a even split between Scream 4 (because of Scream, duh!), The Tree of Life (because of Malick, duh!) and Rabbit Hole (because of Nicole Kidman, duh). The film has premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to some really glowing praise (although, also some not-so-glowing as will always be the case) and Kidman has received her fair share of it. Time will tell whether people are willing to "forgive" Nicole for not making the right kind of arthouse movies or the right kind of mainstream movies, but these two clips below that have recently been released online show she is, yet again, working on a completely higher level than most actors.

Below them is a clip of Kidman, Aaron Eckhart and John Cameron Mitchell at the TIFF premiere discussing the film. I wanted to include this clip because it's all about Eckhart and Mitchell talking about how amazing Nicole is and, being the sucker for Kidman praise that I am, I loved it. Alas, "Embedding disabled by request" is one of the true evils of the online age.

Rabbit Hole will most likely be out in 2011 since it's surely too late in the "Oscar season" to be picked up by a distributor and released, especially in a year that sees the Best Actress category already so stacked.

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