Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Play The Room

In a day and age where movies seem to made based purely on video games - characters conveniently go from one set and one mission to another almost as if they're in various levels of a computer game - it's funny to see a game come completely organically out of a moviegoing experience. Much like how there was a fan-made (or, "fan"-made) 8-Bit game based on Twilight released recently, so to has a similar style game been released based on Tommy Wiseau's immortal classic The Room.

This is hilarious. All your favourite moments are there like when Claudette reveals she has cancer and never mentions it again, when Denny (oh hai Denny) gets into a fight with his drug dealer, Johnny buying Lisa a sexy red dress and the flower shop attendant who doesn't recognise Johnny even though he is her favourite customer. It doesn't necessarily have a point, but it's a fine way to waste literally hours of your time.

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