Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hay, Gale! Behind You!

Is it time to start worrying about the fate of everyone's favourite cheesy tabloid journalist in the upcoming Scream 4? This newly released production still - the first official one, I believe - seems to suggest that yes, Gale may finally reach the end of the line, but she's been in similar perilous situations and made it out alive so let's not get too carried away.


I don't believe that Gale will be dying in Scream 4. If any of the major three does then I think it will be Dewey. My early hunch is that the killer, or one of them at least, will be a policeman and since I think it's safe to rule out Anthony Anderson (sorry, but Ghostface ain't got a gut) then that leaves either Adam Brody or, the one I've been leaning towards ever since she was cast, Marley Shelton. She doesn't like Sheriff Dewey so he gets the knife, but Brody survives and he becomes the new Sheriff so it sort of is like a true "passing of the flame" situation as Wes has been claiming.

We shall see.

Nevertheless, Gale up there needs to look out. We've seen the barnhouse setting before in an on-set tweet pic from Wes Craven himself of a Casey Becker lookalike so I think it's safe to say that Gale will be reliving the events of Woodsboro 15 years ago very up close and personal. Still, I hope she makes it out alive. Maybe that's not even the actual Ghostface though? We've heard that the town of Woodsboro celebrates Stab-a-thon where, much like the opening sequence of Scream 2, Ghostface masks are adorned by locals and the real killer can weave his or her way through the pack without notice, which sounds juicy.

The third returning cast member, as we all know, is Neve Campbell as reigning Final Girl Sidney Prescott. This below footage from Entertainment Tonight shows Sidney and her cousin Jill, played by Emma Roberts (sidebar: I love the thought of Julia Roberts going to see Scream 4 just to watch her niece on screen!), being chased up some stairs and Sidney being thrown about on the roof. I've never thought they'd kill of Sidney, but if Wes and his "new decade, new rules" mantra really want to make an impact then, yes, killing off Sidney would be a good way of doing it. If they go that way I just hope she gets a more respectful send off than Jamie Lee Curtis did in Halloween: Resurrection.

Cannot wait!

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