Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Body Language

One of the semi-regular series, and one of my personal favourites, at this blog is Movies in Movies, which looks at the moments when real movie posters appear in the background of movies. I could, however, make an entirely different series out of movies that include fake movie posters in their shots. Nine, Inglourious Basterds, Funny People and I Am Legend are just some of recent titles that have used them to great effect.

As I watched Brian DePalma's Body Double the other night for the first time - a more detailed look at that in a couple of days - and there is a perfect case of such an occurrence late in the movie when it becomes all about pornography (it's an abrupt plot development, sure). There is, however, this shot featuring the poster for fictional porno Holly Does Hollywood starring Melanie Griffith's "Holly Body". I wanted to show it because I actually think it's a great piece of poster design. What are the odds?

And while we're on the issue of things I found interesting about Body Double that nobody else would, I watched the original theatrical trailer for the film on the DVD and while it's kinda silly - all posing and erotica - the way DePalma's name and the title of the film were revealed, and how they played into the film's central motif of peeking through venetian blinds, got me smiling. It's rare for a trailer to use a completely different style to the actual film, but here is a case of it and I like it better than what they did in the movie (which uses a retro horror movie font).

Watch the trailer below (it works better in motion, obviously) as well as listen (on the right) to my favourite piece of Pino Donaggio's brilliant musical score.


Simon said...

I love fake movie posters in movies. It shows how big the filmmaker's sense of irony is.

In the 'Movies within Movies' front, have you ever considered the Micmacs billboard in Micmacs?

Glenn Dunks said...

Obviously, but it's not out on DVD yet (nor is it time for the next series - i need to build up a collection before I do that).