Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Molly Shannon on Twin Peaks

As I was clicking around through the IMDb the other day, doing research, I came across Molly Shannon's page and I discovered she had an early career credit of Twin Peaks. I've seen season 1 countless times, but season 2 only twice and the memories are foggier. So much going on in that season and so many characters that come in and out of play. I went back and watched the episode, episode 12 entitled "The Black Widow", and there she is playing an adoption agency representative named "Judy Swain".

This was only Shannon's second role after a turn in Dwight Little's 1989 horror version of The Phantom of the Opera that starred Robert Englund (aka "Freddy Krueger"). As these things go, you could hardly do any better at the time than a gig on Twin Peaks, surely, even if she is only on screen for a couple of minutes. But there she is in all of her odd glory. Wonderfully, this episode also marks the second appearance by David Duchovny as cross-dressing DEA Agent "Denise Bryson". Oh, the many treasures of Twin Peaks.

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