Friday, July 9, 2010

Fright Police

The idea of Adam Brody appearing in a Scream movie feels so 2003, and yet here we are in 2010 and Brody is about to star in the fourth film in the Scream franchise. There you go. We've all heard the rumours that a behind the scenes brouhaha is going on - Kevin Williamson walking off set, actors dropping out - but I still hold out hope. How can I not?

Nevertheless, JustJared has new on set photos of Brody in his Deputy get up. I guess he's this trilogy's Dewey or will they surprise us and kill him off like they originally intended to do with Dewey in the first Scream. Of course, the main reason I'm posting this is because it is Adam Brody in a police uniform and, y'all know me and police uniforms, I can't resist.

I don't even care that my crush on Mr Brody ceased to exist several years ago. The Daily Mail in the UK got their hands on another photo from the set of Brody, but this time flanked by returning cast member David Arquette as the aforementioned Deputy Dewey and newcomers Anthony Anderson (he is so dying, by the way) and Marley Shelton (who I predict will have some sort of saving-the-day moment during the conclusion).

And because "why not!" here is an absolutely useless 30 second video filmed on the set of Neve Campbell walking through the set of Woodsboro. The plot involves her returning to the town from Los Angeles to promote her new book, which we can see here is titled Out of Darkness. It's not quite Stab, but it'll do.

And lastly, also from Shock Til You Drop is this photo of Courteney Cox on set! Ms Gale Weathers(-Riley?) herself. She's in the shot with Neve Campbell, but Neve's face can't be seen (So can we really believe it's her? Maybe it's her SERIAL KILLER STANDIN?!? Only time will tell!) I wonder if she gets punched in the face in this movie? I sure hope so!

As far as I am aware we have yet to see on set photos of other new castmembers like Hayden Panatierre, Rory Culkin or Emma Roberts who plays Sidney's cousin and is said to be this trilogy's new heroine. I can't wait to see the likes of President Roslin herself on set! That'll be a trip!

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