Friday, June 18, 2010

Conviction Trailer & Poster

I figure a movie with a title as dull as Conviction deserves a blog entry with a title as equally boring. Ta da! Success.

I didn't do a "year in advance" Oscar predictions post here at Stale Popcorn, but I did start one and one of the names I had written down was Juliette Lewis for Best Supporting Actress for her role in a movie that, at the time, was named Betty Ann Waters. The movie may have undergone a name change - apparently nobody within the production team can come up with a title that isn't generic and incredibly bland - but now that we have a trailer it certainly still looks like the Oscar-baiting movie we all expected it to be. I never thought it would go very far, but Juliette Lewis' name stuck out to me and it was about time she made her way back to the cinema. She was fabo in Whip It last year and she also has The Switch this year, too.

Ms Lewis doesn't appear much in the trailer and the amount of her that there is along with that "and" credit at the end makes me assume she has a one or two scene cameo along the lines of, say, Viola Davis in Doubt. I'm really pulling for Lewis, even if the film looks pedestrian, because I think cinema lost one its greatest hopes when they gave her the shaft and she decided to focus on music. It appears as if she's uglified herself for the role so maybe there is Oscar hope for her after all?

Take a look at the trailer and let us know what you think.

Other than the teensy morsels of Juliette Lewis, my favourite part of the trailer was an early shot of Minnie Driver - as an aside, I'm so glad she, too, is getting some work these days - with this hilarious mop of hair.

Apple, meanwhile, also has the poster, which is - yet again - incredibly dull. I know a film like that can be incredibly difficult to create an interesting design around, but this is just plain ol' boring. At least there's no giant floating heads though!

If only that underground effort to get Sam Rockwell a Best Actor nomination for Moon had panned out and then the cast list wouldn't look so lopsided. I do, however, love seeing fabulous women like Lewis, Driver and Melissa Leo with "Academy Award Nominee" titles above their name.


Anonymous said...

I wish this movie would've been made back in 2003, when Naomi Watts was set to star in it :(

Simon said...

Remember when everything Hilary Swank did wasn't hopeless Oscar bait?

I want to punch that poster in the face. Seriously, silhouettes looking out into a body of water?

Glenn Dunks said...

I hadn't heard about that 2003 era version, but Watts now has her own with Fair Game.

Simon, apart from The Core I don't remember that time.

Nick Duval said...

Wow. I know when I have to fast forward through the trailer that I'm in for trouble. What a boring, boring, boring looking film.