Tuesday, June 22, 2010

7 Thoughts on the Trailer for Green Hornet

Why seven? Because that's all I could come up with.

1. It's all a bit Iron Man, isn't it?

2. January? That doesn't sound promising. Especially since it looks quite visually pleasing and could have possibly found itself amongst Oscar's race for visual effects or some such. Does anybody know the reasoning behind this move from previous date December 22?

3. I like Seth Rogen. I don't think I've ever denied it. There's something I find very appealing about him. I always blame the cop uniform and the handlebar moustache from Superbad for those feelings, but he's looking quite yummy here.

4. I hope there's a bit of Michel Gondry's individualism in here.

5. It's sort of like a mix of Dick Tracy and Darkman from a visual stand point.

6. An Asian co-lead (Jay Chou) and they don't immediately demonstrate that he a) knows kung fu and b) can speak fluent Cantonese? I'll believe they haven't reduced his character to mere stereotypes when I see it.

7. Ugh, when will Hollywood stop trying to pretend that anybody actually cares about Cameron Diaz? Nobody does. Not one single person.

In conclusion, while it feels a bit too familiar I have hope that the oddball combination of Seth Rogen (he co-wrote as well as star) and Michel Gondry will produce something that is a bit more unique and different (like, say, Dick Tracy or Darkman). That's about it, really.


Joel said...

I believe it was shifted back so they had time to convert it to 3D. Still doesn't bode well.

James T said...

I couldn't even watch the whole trailer. I hated it. You're right about no6 but it seems to me that the only difference is that now Asian actors take the place of others in bad movies.