Thursday, May 20, 2010

Xavier Samuel is All Alone

I've been quietly following Xavier Samuel and his recent ascension to American films with his role in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. While I would have obviously preferred he got his quote unquote big break in something, ahem, more to my tastes than Eclipse, I think it's great that he's making a name for himself since audiences in Australia clearly weren't interested in any of the movies he was making (including quality work such as Septemper or queer surfing flick Newcastle).

I didn't, however, expect him to get a film poster all to himself though! That's pretty awesome for someone who is, quite literally, an unknown to roughly 99% of the audience. He looks Photoshopped to oblivion, but that just seems to be increasingly horrifying aspect of the world that we can't escape. I prefer to remember Xavier in, let's say, sunnier terms (oh my, that's a little bit NSFW, isn't it?) but I'm all for actors I like being able to get this sort of lift off to their career. I really hope this and The Loved Ones propels him much higher.

I just wish it didn't remind me of the poster for Land of the Dead.

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Dame James said...

Poor Xavier, I'll keep him company!

Now that I've got my obligatory sexual innuendo out of the way, I must agree that I'm glad Mr. Samuel is getting some much deserved love and attention from this Twilight business. Although, to be fair, my 83 year old grandmother could have a one-line role in this film and the films' fanboys would go apeshit over her. Still, glad to see him around.