Friday, May 28, 2010

The Wheels on the Truck Go 'Round and 'Round

It's funny how things just go in circles, isn't it? Several years ago when the fantastic-but-under-seen American thriller Joy Ride received its local Australian release it received a name change to Road Kill. It was also changed to Road Killer in Japan and Never Play With Strangers in Israel, but that's neither here nor there. The film is very good and you could do far, far worse in the teen thriller subgenre. Plus, it has this.

Anyway, back on point. The new Aussie horror flick Road Train is coming out sometime in 2010 and the film by Dean Francis is getting its world premiere tonight at the Dungog Film Festival. Can't wait to hear reactions since this supernaturally-themed thriller, which stars Xavier Samuel, Sophie Lowe and Bob Morley, could indeed be another Joy Ride quality thriller. Dare I suggest it could even be as good as Steven Spielberg's Duel? I think we're pushing it there.

Road Train - the name given to ultra-large trucks that roam the roads of this country - has been picked up by Fangoria Magazine in America and will screen in their "Fangoria FrightFest" according to Empire. The curious thing to note is that it will be receiving a name change and will go from being called Road Train to, er, Road Kill.

Going around in circles, aren't we? Are there no more titles left to choose from that they have to just keep recycling old ones and repurpose them for different countries?

I have included the trailer and it looks quite good. Sure, there's a bit of silliness on display - namely the use of the word "vastness" and "the truck took you" moment made me chuckle - but it looks like it actually has a budget and that they're going for some real genuine terror moments. Plus, looking at Xavier Samuel for 90 minutes is always going to boost a film's worth.


JoFo said...

Duel is, and will always be the ultimate killer truck movie.

Jack said...

I had no idea Joy Ride was re-named to Road Kill when it played in Australia. I seriously think Road Train should’ve kept it’s original. I still want to see the film that won Frightfest called Dark House. It’s coming out on Sept. 28th on DVD, along with Road Kill.