Friday, May 28, 2010

These Women's Work

Over at Trespass Mag it is "Women's Week" where we celebrate women (naturally). I was asked to write a piece on some of the best performances from the decade, and since I had recently just wrapped my Design of a Decade countdown it came quite easily. Within the piece I discuss 11 (I didn't know who to cut out) of my favourite performances of the decade including Nicole Kidman in Birth (if I keep hammering it into people's heads that she's great in it then maybe they will actually see it), Tilda Swinton in Julia ("so depraved and ridiculous, it verges on the insane",) Laura Dern in INLAND EMPIRE ("a performance so completely out there that she’s practically orbiting Neptune",) and others. So go on and have a read.

And because I used one of her song titles in the post title and she's just as awesome as all the ladies mentioned within, here is Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work". It's from the John Hughes-directed film She's Having a Baby and despite it being quite sad, the video is a hoot. Maxwell can fuck off with his R&B version that everyone somehow thinks is the original. Blerg.

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