Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shanghai Surprise

Typically when a movie gets delayed by up to two years and is being distributed by a studio that couldn't even get some decent-looking poster designs up for big time Oscar contenders I would expect the posters to be drab and boring. Such is not the case with Shanghai, a movie that has been hanging around the Weinstein vault for, surely, nearly two years just hanging by a thread to hopes of Oscar dreams due to its prestigious cast and exotic setting.

It appears to finally be receiving a release and, while nobody will care, I do quite like the poster. It is nothing spectacular, but it gets the job done in selling the movie. I like the colours and how it looks as if its been painted, which you can tell from the dimpled texture that it has (if you click the image you can see better as to what I'm talking about). Sure, it has stripes and stripes are bad, but at least the bottom stripe has this wonderful image in it that really does look hand-painted. And they even stuffed something into the empty space in the top part!

Again, it won't change anything, but it's a nice image to sell your exotically-flavoured film on and, hey, at least it's better than the images the Weinstein brothers put up to see Nine or A Single Man!


Simon said...

Still, stripes and floating heads.

Sid said...

Also... incorrect names on those heads. What do they need to do to get it right?