Friday, May 7, 2010

Michael Fassbender in 1080p

I'm the first to admit that I still don't truly understand Blu-Ray. All I know is that the image quality is better. Yes, I am that technomologically adept. I don't even know if that "1080p" thing in the title up there is correct terminology! It doesn't help that I don't own a Blu-Ray player and so I've never actually had any firsthand experience with a movie in Blu-Ray (actually, I did watch 30 Days of Night on a PS3 once, but the movie was so bad that I kinda didn't notice anything substantial about the image quality) and so don't really have any desire to read up about them. I do love looking at Blu-Ray comparisons at sites such as DVD Beaver, however, and it is almost enough to make me wanna go out and by a player. Alas, I am poor and couldn't afford a player let alone the discs to watch on it.

I mention all of this because Andrea Arnold's fantastic Fish Tank is already out on Blu-Ray in the UK - it's Australian released is later this month, stay tuned for your chance to win tickets right here by the way - and I wanted to highlight this particular screencap that I came across. Isn't it heavenly? Commence drooling!

Click it and Michael Fassbender will grow before your very eyes!


JA said...

I love you, Glenn.

Simon said...

I don't get what's so great about's clearer, but what's the point? What difference does it make?

I'm less savvy than you, evidentally.

jekkvalle said...

Blu-Ray is so 2008 let's talk about Home 3D.

Jks. I love Blu-Ray but the discs are just so damn expensive. So I just stick to the good old DVDs. I do own a player and TV and I find that my DVDs play really close to HD because of the automatic upscale. I saw Kurosawa's Ran and it looked amazing.

Paul Martin said...

You'll get the benefits of blu-ray if you have a large digital TV, say 50" or bigger. DVD has half the resolution and is fine on small to medium TVs but if you have a larger TV it gets a bit grainy. But with a large TV and blu-ray, the resolution is so good that you can see details you didn't notice on the big screen. It's revolutionalised my attitude to watching movies at home.

If you buy a Sony Bravia, for example, they often have a deal where they throw in a blu-ray player.