Friday, May 21, 2010

Great Moments in Cinema for 2010

The trailer for Taylor Hackford's Love Ranch was just released. If you watch it (below for YouTube or Apple) then I am sure you will easily be able to pinpoint the moment that made me sit up and go "YES! I'M SO THERE!" It's the moment to the left featuring Gina Gershon and Bai Ling. I wasn't even aware that these two icons of trash were in it - alongside Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci no less - and there's now no way I am going to miss Love Ranch.

Sure, the trailer gives away far too much, but it looks visually exciting and thematically quite interesting give or take the boxing stuff, which has been done to death. Still, Gina Gershon and Bai Ling in a movie together means I will be there with bells on. Or, perhaps more appropriately, be there with pasties.

And because I think it's so good here they are again!

And again.

And once more.


The Slightly Illuminated Knight said...

Is it just me, or does Bai Ling seem to be wearing clothes in that shot?


Simon said...

I'm so glad they're finally releasing this. I miss Joe Pesci, I do.

Glenn Dunks said...

She is wearing clothes, yes, but I am sure she will take them off in the movie. She has to!

Joshua said...

I <3 Bai. She gets such a bad rap.

Bai "sings" I Touch Myself:

Ebert interview with her:

JA said...

I was reading this post and completely unconnected to anything from across the room my boyfriend said the words "Bai Ling" (The Crow was on TV, I guess) and I knew it was meant to be. Forever and ever, amen. Nipples. Amen.

Derreck said...

i seriously LOL'ed at 'icons of trash'.

But it's so true! I do love me some Cristal Connors.