Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't Be Daft

My mind can, at times, act like a jukebox. Random songs randomly popping up in quick succession with no rhyme or reason. Daft Punk has, for some reason on the inner-workings of my brain synapses could explain, have been on a repetitive loop for several days now. They're very good, aren't they? Blood excellent would be a more apt descriptor.

While I've hammered out Homework, Discovery and even the underrated Human After All quite a bit these past few days, it is Alive 2007 that has gotten the most repeat action on the speakers. The only thing better than "Superheroes" (my favourite Daft Punk track) is the Alive 2007 mashup between "Superheroes" and "Human After All" in a near six-minute bass-thumping extravaganza of ever-mounting beats. Below is a poorly-filmed video of the concert sequence - Alive 2007 is a live concert album, but better than most others since they actually rework all the tracks and give them new life - that makes me wish the concert had been filmed and released theatrically in 3D. I can imagine that light show flying at me at 180bpm like the "I Love New York" sequence in Madonna's equally-addictive Confessions Tour.

I've also included the Alive 2007 single release of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" which single handedly returned Daft Punk to the charts and clubs. It's anthemic, isn't it?

Speaking of Daft Punk, I cannot wait to hear the material they have written for TRON Legacy. The movie is out in December, but hopefully we will get to hear the soundtrack earlier than that. I am hoping it is incredible and that they get nominated for Oscars and get to perform on stage in their giant rave pyramid. That'd certainly shake things up, wouldn't it? I didn't like the original Tron from 1982, but I hold out hope for this sequel. It looks a lot like Speed Racer, which I enjoyed greatly because of how deranged it was and because I felt like my eyes were being stood on by leprechauns.

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