Friday, April 23, 2010

Werner Herzog Reads Where's Waldo

There's really nothing more to say. It is Werner Herzog reading Where's Waldo (or Where's Wally for Australians). His thick accent makes wonder of lines such as "Is that a scroll or merely a rolled up towel? After trying so hard to find the scroll, are we sure we can handle the real answer?" and "sometimes it seems like he's barely trying." So droll. My favourite of all is "Oh! There he is. Hello my little friend." Amazing, yes?

Did you find yourself while watching that video? No, probably not.


Simon said...

I'm frightened.

Anonymous said...

You do know that's not Werner Herzog, right?

Simon said...

No. I'm frightened of Where's Waldo. Of course I didn't know that's not Herzog! I take everything at face value!

(I'm being serious, I read headlines and take your word for it)