Sunday, April 4, 2010

Well Played, Poster: Dawning

There is something so chilly about this poster for Dawning. This is a horror movie and somehow manages to evoke more fear and dread than any number of horror movie one sheets that feature buckets of blood, giant floating heads with frightened looks on their face or giant murder instruments being waved around for all to see. The ominous-yet-unconventional colours, the unsettling composition and the simple credits block all fuse together to send a shiver up my spine. Via Via.

Yes, it reminds of The Blair Witch Project and that probably is helping it out in the creep department, but I think it works very well on its own. It sells the movie in such a simple and effective way. I also like the various character posters that were also released.

"Aurora", "Chris", "Richard" and "Laura"

All in all a very good set of images for a movie I had, before today, never heard of before in my life. Well done.

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Clinton Lugert said...

Thanks for the kind words! They are one of our favorite works we've created. We took the color from the average color of the pine wood interior of the cabin, which is where the cast spends most of their time. We like to think that the simple treatment of the woods within their face illustrates that the thing they fear the most is the unknown within themselves.

The limited first run of hand silk screen printed posters are up for sale at & will be up on the forthcoming Dawning site soon!