Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Tigerman

I like how this this Japanese poster for The Wolfman (aka, surely the worst movie of 2010) features Anthony Hopkins wearing a tiger fur coat! Oh man, if only The Wolfman had've had a sense of humour like that to have had Hopkins running around in a series of progressively more ridiculous animal fur coats then it might have been more fun. I'd like to see him walk around in an outfit made from gorilla or zebra, personally.

In fact, I think this poster is kinda cool in general. I'd rather see this version of The Wolfman than the one that inexplicably got released in cinemas earlier this year. I like the hand-drawn aesthetic and the blood red light reflecting off of the ground. I also like that you can see the poster, unlike anything in the movie, which was so poorly lit that I had to sit forward and squint just to make out Benicio Del Toro's face.

Most of all I do just really love the fur coat he's wearing! Not that I support wearing fur, but this is hilarious!


Colin Low said...

Surely that's a Japanese poster.

Brad N said...

That's not a Korean poster. It's the Japanese poster.