Friday, April 9, 2010

Something Is No Longer Jumpin' In His Shirt: RIP Malcolm McLaren

Let me tell you, waking up to the news of Malcolm McLaren dying was not the best way to begin the day. It has, however, made me put his music on repeat for hours so while it's not exactly what I'd call an "upside", it's at least a positive after effect? Yikes, I've started this off badly, haven't I? Perhaps I won't go any further and just present you with my favourite McLaren tracks.

Sure, most people will talk about him as the manager of the Sex Pistols and New York Dolls, but it was his solo musical career in the '80s that is truly spectacular. "Madame Butterfly" is probably one of the 25 greatest songs ever recorded (no joke) and the iconography in "Deep in Vogue" is career-defining. "Something's Jumpin' In Your Shirt", "Double Dutch" and "Buffalo Gals" complete the tracks below. Incredible, all of them. The videos and the songs, I mean. RIP Malcolm McLaren.

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