Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Decade. New Rules.

Wes Craven was interviewed by PopWatch at EW about the newest installment of the Scream franchise (click the tag at the bottom of this entry to read more about said franchise, cause there's a bit of it) and he gave away some juicy tidbits. I hope that bit about it being set in Woodsboro means we finally get to return to Casey Becker's house, which is exactly where the big showdown of Scream 3 should have been sen (albeit in the Hollywood movie set version of the house). He also premiered the teaser poster, which isn't much it's something.

Can you see how much I've thought about this series?

Are Sidney (Campbell), Gale (Cox), and Dewey (Arquette) still going to be the central characters, or are they on the periphery this time?
It’s a total integration of those three and new kids. The story of Sid, Gale, and Dewey is very much a part of the movie.

And Sid’s still having problems with Ghostface?

There have been 10 years of no Ghostface, but there has been the movie-within-a-movie Stab. We have fun with the idea of endless sequels, or “sequelitis” as Kevin calls it in the script. Sid goes through these three horrendous things, and Stab was based on those horrible things. And then they’ve been taken by a studio and run into the ground in a series of sequels. She has been off by herself and living her own life, and she’s even written a book that has gotten a lot of critical acclaim. She’s kind of put her life back together in the course of these 10 years. But, certainly, there would be no Scream without Ghostface, so she has to confront him again, but now as a woman who has really come out the darkness of her past.

Speaking of openings, are you at least going to continue with having a couple killed at the beginning of the film?
That’s a strong possibility. [Laughs] Certainly, you will recognize what Bob calls the DNA of the film: a very complex murder mystery, a shocking action picture, wonderful humor based on character, and lots of surprises, as well as a movie that kind of copies itself. It’s a pretty amazing script.

Are you returning to Santa Rosa, Calif., to shoot?
We’re actually going to Michigan. We found a wonderful small town that looks very much like the town we had in Northern California. Frankly, the tax breaks in Michigan are enormous, so we’ll be able to put a lot more movie on the screen.
But this Michigan town is still supposed to represent (the series’ fictional town of) Woodsboro?
Yeah. I guess I just gave something away. [Laughs]

Add to this, there are also rumours floating about that none other that Adrienne King has been given a role in the fourth Scream. While not as wonderfully nudge-wink as, say, Janet Leigh having a cameo in Halloween: H20, it's still a delicious thought.

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Joel said...

The Adrienne King news is pretty cool. But remember Scream part 1 still had Linda Blair which also rivals Janet Lee in H20... Almost...

Can not wait for Scream 4! Even if its a similar level of quality as part 3 i'll be there open weekend!