Friday, April 16, 2010

Confused Boy

Bear with me for a moment here. Is this newly released poster for Nowhere Boy, which is just about to get an American release, trying to tell us something? I think there's a hidden message in here somewhere, what with those MYSTERIOUS and COMPLETELY SUBTLE "Strawberry Fields" and "Penny Lane" references blazoned across it. It's like an enigma. Can you decipher what on Earth Nowhere Boy is about?

Could it be... The Monkees?

That must be it! Nowhere Boy is a movie about American pop outfit The Monkees! It's gotta be. Monkeys like strawberries and throwing pennies at people, right? That's gotta be the link.


Compare it to this earlier design though, and - in all seriousness - which design piqued your interest more?

It's my belief that these sort of movies already have their audience and no amount of trickery is going to get people to go who were never going to in the first place. The people that Nowhere Boy would interest already know of its existence, surely, and I highly doubt that some casual arthouse (which is, let's face it, the only place Nowhere Boy is going to screen) visitor is going to suddenly cotton on to the fact that there is a new movie about The Beatles and go see it instead. Besides, if that person were me - note: it would never be me - then I might think the shoddy Photoshop work would deter me anyway.

It might as well say "Just in case you don't know who JOHN LENNON is, whose name is written on the poster, this movie is about THE BEATLES! Do you see? Do you get it? STRAWBERRY FIELD FOREVER IS A BEATLES SONG!!! I hate you."


Paul Martin said...

As to your question, I prefer the poster art without the street signs.

Paul Martin said...

I don't think the target market is Beatles fans; more likely it's a younger generation for whom those song titles might pique their interest. Personally, I grew up on the Beatles and as a teenager read the authorised biography by Hunter Davies (damn, I wish I still had that book, with the psychedelic cover!), and I would never, ever go to a film like this. I'd go see a decent doco though.