Friday, March 19, 2010

Switchin' It Up

If you must - and I mean absolutely MUST - use the tired stripey design for your movie poster then you could do worse than doing what The Switch, formerly known repulsively as The Baster, and actually used quite humourous movie stills as opposed to just a couple of shots of the cast looking bored. I particularly like Jason Baseman's facial expression. I also like the mixing up of fonts, colours and styles in the credit block to help make it look a little less stale.

The movie still sounds repugnant though, doesn't it?

And now comes the trailer, which makes the movie look far more appealing that any synopsis does. And kudos on getting people like Juliette Lewis and Jeff Goldblum (see, not dead!) in supporting roles. I particularly like the exchange between Bateman and Bryce Robinson about hypochondria towards the end. Dare I say, it actually looks "cute"?


Joel said... suggested some pretty hilarious alternative titles include (my favourite) He Just Got That Into You. Brilliant.

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Jude said...

This looks better than what I just sat through-- The Bounty Hunter