Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Outside of the Box Square

I always like to see how Australian films get sold overseas, especially America. Apparition, the upstart distributor that kinda ruined Jane Campion's Bright Star Oscar campaign, has their hands on Nash Edgerton's debut thriller The Square and it is being released in America on 9 April, nearly two full years since it opened here in Australia. The movie is very good, although audiences here didn't even realise it was released (such a shame). Hopefully its box office fortunes can be reversed and The Square can enjoy some arthouse success.

Unfortunately I can't find an Australian trailer to compare it to (was there even one produced?), but there are handy quotes from places like AICN in the American trailer to woo audiences. I hope it works, but considering how adverse to actual good small movies American audiences seem to be lately (unless it comes with an exotic flavour, naturally) I highly doubt it. You should check it out though and be the cool kid on campus... or wherever it is that you reside.

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R-Co said...

There was one, I remember seeing it. It was a great trailer too - the teaser they premiered at Tropfest is very similar to that going around for Animal Kingdom at the moment. Appears they've taken it off their site though... I did find this, however, which still cracks me up: