Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Trailer

Yes, the trailer for Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim Vs The World was released today and it was very good and all very exciting, but if you want to see that there are about 500 billion other websites that have somehow made it through their shortness of breath to post it and I don't think it'll take you too long to come across it.

Instead I want to direct you to the newly released trailer for Aussie crime thriller Animal Kingdom that can be found at the official website. Also released today was the poster (below), created by none other than Jeremy Saunders. It's quite good, isn't it? Of course it is! As for the trailer... I like it. It could perhaps stand to be a little less "WORTHY!" but I think the use of American critics helps since so many Australians only go to see Aussie films when they've been certified by people that aren't Australian (such as Samson & Delilah last year after winning at Cannes). Sources (as in Palace Films on Twitter) say that Jacki Weaver "OWNS the film," which is good to hear, and hardly surprising, but she's not prominent in the trailer. I do love her line-reading of "you've done some bad things Sweetie."

Animal Kingdom stars Ben Mendelsohn, Joel Edgerton, Jacki Weaver, Guy Pearce and Guy Pearce's moustache. Cannot wait for this movie, how about you?!

ETA The trailer has been uploaded to YouTube so you can now view it here (because I know some of you wouldn't have bothered to go to the official website, am I right?) in all of its glory.


Rob said...

Thanks to you, from now on I'm going to read every tweet from @palacefilms and hear it in the voice of Jack Palance.

Trixie said...

Great find - thanks for the review! The full trailer has been released on YouTube now and can be embedded -

Joel said...

With this and Accidents Happen, there are 2 aussie films ill be seeing in cinemas!

Glenn Dunks said...

Rob, sorry! Typos can be quite comical like that though, can't they?

Trixie, thanks. Updated.

Glenn Dunks said...

Joel, please do. They won't keep making them if people don't actually go!