Monday, March 8, 2010

Nice White Lady

Look, I'm not getting angry or anything like that over Sandra Bullock's Oscar win for The Blind Side. It makes perfect sense, really, even if I would have preferred Gabby Sidibe or Carey Mulligan to take it out. However, for those who are fuming or for those who merely like a big laugh here is the "trailer" for Nice White Lady that surfaced several years ago on MadTV. It's still relevant and it's still hilarious.

The poster up above, by the way, is from College Humor.


gmcfly said...

That's also the character of Ms. Rain from Precious. Nice light-skinned lady.

Joshua said...

It's good that Carey didn't win. Barely anyone has seen her in anything yet.

Kath said...

I LOVE nice white lady. Very funny.