Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mother Issues

Joining the ever-growing list of films that fall into the Aussie cinematic subgenre of "my mother was eccentric and now I've made a movie about her" (not to be confused with the other parental subgenre of "my father was an abusive drunk and I will confront my issues with him now that I'm in my 30s thanks to Australian film funding bodies", naturally) is Andrew Lancaster's Accidents Happen. The aforementioned eccentric mother is this time played by Geena Davis (yes, Geena Davis) and follows in the time-honoured tradition of Brenda Blethyn (Clubland), Joan Chen (The Home Song Stories) and others.

Fast forward to 2:01 to see what I mean. Gotta love Geoffrey Rush!

Accidents Happen actually looks quite nice though and appears to have a really exciting visual look going on and, yes, Geena Davis looks to have hit it outta the park. That laugh at the end during the exchange about electrocution is quite endearing for some reason. And can we discuss how much Harry Cook looks like Mike Vogel? Because he does. A lot.

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