Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I like Katherine Heigl. I've mentioned this many times before. Subsequently I like her poster for Killers (below). I like the look and the funny wig and it actually sells the movie as a sorta comedy with thrills much better than that terrible poster for Knight & Day, in which Cameron Diaz has some sort of phallic object poking out from her skirt!

And then I look at the poster featuring Ashton Kutcher and I think SHMUCK!


Sorry, he's just really a shmuck.

These posters don't even go well together. She looks like she's imitating old-fashioned crime movies, but he looks like he just got in from filming a cameo on Entourage.


par3182 said...

she looks like she's imitating kim cattrall in the sex and the city episode where she spies on richard disguised with a sassy shag from the raquel welch wig collection

joanna said...

She looks like Marylin Monroe there. I like both of the posters, Kutcher is a young actor and model, he has to be a little bit shmucky-looking, it's part of his charm.