Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Am Gorgeous

I am not doing any "year in advance" Oscar nominations this year because, well, I can't be bothered. One prediction, however, that I was going to make was Yorick Le Saux for Best Cinematography with I Am Love. Having seen the UK trailer, below, I think it's as good a bet as any and the Academy has definitely been willing to nominate arty foreign films in this category when they had little to no chance for success elsewhere (I'm looking at you A Very Long Engagement, The White Ribbon and Malèna!)

How gorgeous does this movie look? Throw in Tilda Swinton and I an waiting with baited breath for I Am Love. I am hoping that it gets a slot at the Melbourne International Film Festival or that the fact that it's Italian means some distributor picks it up because, hey, it's Italian and people would rather their artsy fartsy Tilda Swinton movies to be in Italian rather than English (have you seen Julia yet?!?)

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Guy said...

It is certainly gorgeous. Hope you like it more than I do -- it feels like the film's a secret I haven't been let in on.