Friday, March 26, 2010

Happiness is a New Todd Solondz Movie

See what I did there with that entry title? Now if only Todd Solondz would actually make a movie about The Beatles and the pun would be trebled.

I don't have anything to say about this really, but it's a new poster for a new Todd Solondz movie, which means I've got to post it. I didn't think much of Solondz's last movie, Palindromes apart from its wonderful poster, but he is the man that made Happiness, Welcome to the Doll House and Storytelling so I can forgive him for that mis-step (I can even forgive Jennifer Jason Leigh if you forced me too). The poster looks... like a Todd Solondz movie poster. I'm not sure if Life During Wartime has an Australian distributor yet - I'd wager no - but I hope it gets one eventually. Or, if nothing else, at least a screening at Melbourne International Film Festival in July/August so I can get a chance to see it. Here's hoping!


Anonymous said...

Hey Glenn, Hope you do get a chance to see the new movie! Thanks for posting my poster!

Glenn Dunks said...

Umm, hello poster designer person?

Alex Gonzalez said...

This is too funny! I've met this kid! My boyfriend, Paul, is working on an amazing show here in NY called The Orphans' Home Cycle and the kid on the poster is in it! I was like, "Whaaaa?" when I saw the poster. Haha. Awesome.